What is a GED test

What is a GED test?

There seem to be a lot of questions regarding GED and how acceptable a qualification it is. The common answer is that it is considered to be equivalent to a high school diploma. The certificate is based on a set of 4 tests taken over a seven and a half hour period.
The tests are designed to test knowledge in mathematical reasoning, social studies, science and Language Arts, both reading and writing. The main purpose is to enable adults, over the age of sixteen, the opportunity to graduate. The requirements are that the person enrolling must not be enrolled in high school and students wishing to go this route must meet with a school counselor before taking the GED test.
The test although having some advantages as far as time is concerned is by no means easier from an academic point. The test is currently graded on a scale equivalent to that offered in high schools and the requirement further stipulate that they pass on a comparable level to high school students or above 60% of high school seniors.
The test is presented in the format of short-form answers as well as an essay. There are many test-prep courses available as well as practice exams, this implies that the student is required to prepare and study before sitting for the test. Tests are offered in GED test centres located in most cities in the United States and Canada. Taking the test online is not permitted at this stage. There are also International testing facilities available.
To answer the question often raised about acceptability, the GED credential is accepted by 95% of all United States Colleges and Universities. Outside the U.S.A things are slightly different as not all Universities will accept this credential. Students should check with the University of their Choice before opting to go this route. Employers in the U.S.A accept this credential at the same rate as Universities and Colleges.

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