The New GED®

GED Classes

This is an audio project to help the student prepare to take the new GED Exam. GED is the common reference acronym to the standardized test called “General Education Development” which is administered by GED Testing Service LLC.  In this project, we will produce lessons in audio or podcast form. We will be providing one new audio lesson (podcast) per week.  There are about 41 lessons in total with each lesson about 25 min. in length.   There will usually be 5 audio lessons available for free  and will be available in iTunes and at this website.  If the student wishes to progress at a faster pace we recommend that he purchase and download the section he is studying.  These lessons are available in the menu “GED Audio Lessons”

The GED®  is a certification that allows those who did not graduate high school a certificate that is the equivalent of a high school diploma. Those who take the GED must be at least 16 years old and must meet local guidelines dictating their eligibility.

The GED®  is overhauled about once every 10 years, and now has a new version in 2014.

The cost of the GED test  varies from state to state and country to country.

People with disabilities can have various things done to assist them while taking the GED , such as having the test given in braille or having a scribe.

You can take the GED  with paper and pencil or electronically on a computer. Both kinds of tests must be taken at a testing center. Electronic tests will give you an idea of your score more quickly than paper tests. You can visit to find a testing center near you, or call one of several toll-free numbers.

To register for the new GED , you will need to visit Here you can sign up for an account and find study resources.

There are four different domains that you will be tested on: Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Reasoning Through Language Arts. You are required to pass each domain in order to receive the GED® . Passing is considered at a level of 60 percent of high school students. The scores range from 100 – 200, with 150 being a passing score. You can take the GED®  three times in a calendar year, and only have to pass each module once.

The new GED  is different in that it goes into more detail than previous versions and also tests each student on their college and career readiness skills. The scoring report is more detailed and should provide better feedback for each test taker.