How to Prepare for the GED Test



If you are one of those who are planning to take the General Educational Development (GED) exam, there are a number of things that you have to consider. But the key here is preparation.

Passing the GED test is one way to prove you have obtained a high school-level education. There are five subject areas which are covered and these include the Mathematics, Language arts (reading), Language arts (writing), Social studies, and Science.

In most states in the US, those adults who have not earned a high school diploma are qualified to take the GED test. As what the American Council on Education (ACE) have officially stated, by successful completing the exam, you’ll be able to obtain a credential which is equivalent to a high school diploma and recognized by over 95% of employers and post secondary schools.

Studying for the GED Test
For those test takers who are a few years removed from school, studying for the GED exam is crucial. Familiarizing themselves with the subject matters will be a lot of help. They can do that by completing official sample test questions which is available on the ACE website. You can also gauge which subject areas deserve the most attention. In order to prepare for GED test, you may consider the following options:

With the internet, you can make use of GED practice tests and resources which are available online. Try to visit the ACE website for useful resources. Also, the Kentucky Educational Television (KET) network provides an approved GED test preparation materials online which is available on the PBS Literacy Link. Another website worth visiting is the GED Online at which may involve some fees but it provides interactive study sessions, online grading of practice tests and e-mail support.

At home
In addition to those online resources, there are several at-home study options like the GED practice books. ‘The Keys to GED Success’ is highly recommended. You can also have the ‘GED Connection’, which is a series of video programs that are broadcast by PBS through local public television stations.

In class
Another preparation option is to attend a GED preparation course, which are available at adult education resource centers across the country. Such centers can be found at public and community colleges as well. Mostly, it lasts on a single term with a comprehensive review of all subject areas. The state’s department of education website also lists these participating education centers.

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